My Reasons.

As you all know, I will be doing the 88 temple pilgrimage next month (August 2010).  Thousands of people do this thing every year, and they all have their own reasons.  Of course, I too have my own reasons, but I want to make this my own journey, my own special challenge.

My reasons:  who knows!!?? Because I can, because it’s a challenge, and to prove to myself (and anyone else interested) that yes, I indeed can do this, and possibly for the sole purpose of proving all those b@stards that say I can’t wrong! Not that there’s that many that say I can’t do it.  Mostly people just think I’m crazy, but really that’s the usual. Also as a last thing to do while living in Japan, as a cleansing of my mind and body to prepare for what awaits me back in the States.

I know sounds a bit deep, but I’ll have a lot of time to think.  I want this to be about the journey itself and what I can get out of it, I’m making it about self-discovery I suppose.  Not so much torture, I’m not into the pain scene after all  😉

I know I can do this, and so I will.  I already said I would do it, so I will.  But encouragement is always a great thing.  So write one reason (or two) you think I should do this and email it/comment back to me.  Or something you wish for in your life and me completing this challenge will in someway help you meet your own goals and aspirations.  I will print some of them out, laminate them, and then stick them on my pilgrim hat.  On those bad days that I have nothing but mountains to climb I will probably read them a lot.


2 Responses to My Reasons.

  1. sitizenciege says:

    “Go n-éirí an bóthar leat.”

    An Irish saying for success on long journeys. Literally means “that the road rise to you” but since the Irish word for road (bóthar) comes from “cattle trail,” I’m not sure how encouraging it is. Our concept of roads is… lacking.

    Still, Shikoku is about the same circumference as Ireland so it’s rather fitting. Good luck!

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