I’ll get right to the point.

Due to the broken foot and the cast I cannot complete the pilgrimage in the way I originally intended.  So 88 Temple Pilgrimage by bike is no go.  My leg no longer has the strength, and the cast puts rather unpleasant pressure on my shin-bone while I ride a bike, I tried it for short distances and it was clear that this challenge is closer to the impossible.

I could do the Henro by car, I could do it by bus, or even taxi if I wanted to.  But I don’t.  I feel cheated, and doing it in a way other than my planned and practiced way would be cheating myself.  It’s like saying I will write a book and in the end have someone else write it.  So instead I will sit this one out, I will heal and move on, and then some years down the line, maybe after I graduate and become a doctor, I will return and do the Henro my way.

If things happen for a reason, maybe this was meant to happen this way.  As to why, well who knows! Maybe somewhere down the line I’ll know.  For all I know now, this may have saved my life from some weirdo trying to kill me during my solo ride.  Let’s not dwell on what if’s and be glad that I still have the capacity to do this some other time.

This will probably be the last update on this, at least for a few years.  Thank you all for the support and encouragement.  Let’s try again some other time.



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4 Responses to Decisions.

  1. Wife says:

    Sorry wife. Hope you can enjoy the remaining time in Kochi.

  2. eaglet86 says:

    I’m sorry that this happened, and that you can’t do the henro as hoped and planned for so long. I hope that you will get to do it sometime in your near future!

  3. AnnMarie says:

    Oh, that x-ray is disturbing! I can’t believe you were so casual about going to the hospital. It must have been incredibly painful.

    I’m sorry it’s come down to you not completing the pilgrimage. But this will make it even more meaningful to come back in a year and try again. And, hey, it’ll give you a solid reason to go back to Kochi.

    Love you, dear! Keep on trucking. Let’s meet up in Florida!

    • cmaximus says:

      I’ll be back there in three weeks. Let’s plan something for sometime after that, and after jet lag wears off preferably.

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