Send Me Good Vibes

For a short time there, when I got my cast, I felt crushed and defeated and kind of heavy and dragged down… possibly because the cast is heavy and slows me down.  But also because of the doctor’s attentions to my needs. Hey, not those needs, minds out of the gutter!

First I waited two hours to have an X-ray taken and be told that my foot was broken.  Thanks, I knew that as I had already brought my own X-ray (in the same orientation and zoom as they took) from my preferred doctor.  Then I get talked about while sitting in the room and as if I wasn’t there, without once being talked to about what was to happen.  I waited another two hours to be called back in the room to get the cast on, and get a full leg cast almost to my knee.  Was that really necessary? Couldn’t I have gotten away with a half cast, I still wouldn’t have been able to move my ankle, and thus the rest of my foot.  Finally, I asked the doctor about the possibility of doing the Henro, and he says, “[hissing sound made when no direct answer is coming] um…well… [more hissing sounds]”  The nurse behind him gets tired of the round-aboutness and says, “むり!!”  That felt very crushing.

Four hours of waiting to get a full cast, and to be told “impossible,” I was not happy.  This has truly become a challenge you know.  Six days later, today, I was back to the doctor to get my cast changed.  I refuse to stay at home resting and doing nothing, as I can put weight on the cast thanks to the heel attachment for that purpose, and it doesn’t hurt.   I wish this was a waterproof cast though, river and casts don’t mix well.  The plastic bag that was covering the cast, and all the duct tape around it didn’t help, as such the inside of my cast became rather soggy and irritating.  The doctors weren’t happy with that.

A week after breaking my foot I’m feeling more optimistic about my chances of doing the Henro…by bike.  I’m still waiting another week, my next visit to the doctor, to fully decide if it’s really a good idea or not.  Despite how much I want to do this, I will not jeopardize my health for it, I do not want to cause some permanent damage to my foot or anything of the sort.  But for now, the plan continues with change of dates!

On with the healing!! Send me good vibes.

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One Response to Send Me Good Vibes

  1. Yasiris says:

    Sorry you are feeling disappointed, but you should know that even if you can’t do what you wanted there are many other opportunities for you to do something like this in the future. Maybe not in Japan, but at least you can recover from this! Don’t be sad. They said you might have a cast for a month, then you will be coming home. I am not saying give up, and I am saying keep in mind that this is just a minor set back to your plans for now! goodluck if you decide to continue with this, but don’t jeorpordized your health. Love you very much. Your sister!


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