The new challenge.

It was a dark and stormy night… no really it was.  My last soubetsukai [goodbye party] completed, it was time to ride my way home.  It was night, and it was pitch black outside with no streetlights as is the usual for my little country area.  It was my first time on this tiny road, that just so happens to have a slope, but I knew where I was and where I was going; which wasn’t enough to prevent what happened next.

As I came down the slope on my bicycle, on this lovely wet slope, I noticed– thanks to my bike light– a hip-height chain-link fence; the road had this nice idea to dogleg to the right.  I wasn’t going that fast, but fast enough that a head-on collision with said fence would have sent me doing a bit of a Superman move.  So I tried turning and breaking to avoid my lovely obstacle, and hydroplaned sideways into my fence, I figured I’d call it my own as I had marked it so violently.

The first thought through my mind (sadly enough) was, “oh damn! did I damage the bike?! Can I still do the Henro on it?!” and then I noticed the intense pain shooting up my left foot.  I valiantly hopped back on my bike, home wasn’t that far off anyway.  I made it quite far before I decided it would be a smart idea to get off the bike, not so smart to do it in the middle of the road, but I was ready to pass out.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I got taken home by some friends, iced my foot, and went to bed.  The next morning, today as a matter of fact, I went to the hospital to get my foot x-rayed and checked out.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:


I really love the picture though.

This is the first time I have ever broken a bone, and to be spectacular about it, I break three.  Go me! And trust me, the alternative with that fence would have been much worse, I’ll take this! The doctor is sending me to an orthopedic tomorrow where I will have minor surgery to set the bones and get pins and needles or something attached to them.

The amazing part about this accident is that I have absolutely no bruises, or scratches, or bumps, or anything else anywhere on the foot or the rest of me to show for it! Just them  broken bones.  Hurt like hell non the less.

The question everyone now asks isn’t “Are you ready?” Now it’s, “Can you do the Henro?” “How will you do the Henro?” “What of the Henro?”  Yeah, I’m still working on that.  As I said, I like challenges, this just makes it more challenging.  I will still do the Henro, I have 20 days to heal up and work this out! But one way or another, I will do this trip.

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One Response to The new challenge.

  1. eaglet86 says:

    Ganbatte! I’m glad that you are still committed to making the henro happen for you! Praying for fasting healing!

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